CHAPTER 1: Take a Seat

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CHAPTER 1: Take a Seat

Everything in life happens for a reason. Although at the moment you may feel that things aren't aligned right, or you're still not where you wanna be in life; remember that everything happens (or doesn't) for a reason. If more people begin to adopt this concept of living, less people will be dissatisfied due to unrealistic expectations. Be real to yourself, and walk into doors that are already open, instead of trying to pry open a locked door. It will open on the right day!
I guess I should introduce myself before I go off on an anonymous rant. I'm the founder and CEO of Onyx Creative, Angela Afifi aka @afiferz. I'll be using this space to give you the thoughts behind the mind of Onyx Creative, talk about business lessons I'm learning on this journey, document my travels, show you what inspires me, update you on my pug Nala aka @nala_afifi and whatever else I want to talk about! The fun part is there are no rules here, this is my playground, and I'm excited that you're here! This will be a place where I want to inspire you to start your own business and pursue your passion - whatever that may be. The road to success is not perfectly paved, but that's the funnest part. 


Nala Afifi

Back to what I was saying about everything happening for a reason. I'm not sure if I can call it an irony or stubborn-ness or a mix of both - but I know I've ended up at this certain point in my life because of all the "yes" and "no" decisions I've had to make throughout my career. Some things I've had to say yes to because I was obliged to. For example, getting a "normal" job and working from 8:30AM-6PM was something I had to say "yes" to because I was a college-grad and thought this is how things are. You go to school, get a degree, get a job, get married, have kids, have grandchildren, grow old and die. It wasn't until I truly began understanding myself and what I really loved which was art, music, getting creative, modern design, colors and textures - that I knew the conventional path was not going to cut it for this adventure-seeking Sagittarius. 

The "irony" begins. I attended a private Armenian school in the heart of Hollywood called Rose & Alex Pilibos from Pre-School through High School. I had the same circle of people around me throughout my entire adolescent and teenage years. Imagine how my little Armenian bubble popped on my first day of school at UC Irvine in 2008. Woah! College was a big fat slap of reality in my face. I was completely unprepared for the Gladiator type classroom-environment, where people put their game face on and compete to do well in every single class. It was only natural to feel the pressure and try hard to perform well. I'm not one to force people to go to school, but boy does College teach you to grow the F up and be resilient. 

Lost Mind During Finals

My first apartment at UC Irvine. Obviously dancing on the table in my robe.

It was a requirement for all students to declare some sort of major upon admission into UC Irvine. I just laughed out loud thinking I knew what I wanted to do for the rest of my life at 17 years old. I had to declare something so I chose "Undecided/Undeclared," and it always bothered me that they had to put the same word twice. I get it. We're undecided but you don't have to make us feel like shit for it! Anyway, my parents obviously wanted me to either be some sort of doctor, lawyer or anything that makes lots of money. So I chose an "Undecided/Undeclared" major and "Biology" minor. Hahaha. You heard right, I started taking a variety of classes from Drama, Psychology, Biology, Writing, etc to seriously feel out what I wanna do. I decided I like either Psychology/Psychiatry or Plastic Surgery. I was taking all biology, chemistry and organic chemistry classes preparing for my path to medical school. I worked part-time at a drug and alcohol rehab in Newport Beach and also did behavioral therapy with Autistic kids until my last year of college. I even studied abroad in 2010 at the University of Sussex in Brighton, UK on a Physics program. I thought this was it, I'm going to be a doctor. 

Alex, the lovely little Autistic boy I used to work with. 


2012 was the year that really changed things for me. One day I bought a bunch of art supplies, magazines and canvases while on an impulsive shopping spree at Michaels. This was a part of me that I had very briefly dabbled in while growing up, but never submersed myself in fully. Now that I look back, I did this because I felt the need to express my creativity in some way. I was playing music and DJing here and there, but school stood in the way of me submersing myself in that too. I started cutting up my old shirts, wearing cut offs, retired the cardigans and went to my first "underground" festival Lightning in a Bottle. Let's just say this is secretly when my Onyx phase began, I stepped into the dark side. 

Lightning in a Bottle 2012. Wearing the first top I cut up and attached feathers and beads onto. Dancing away with DJ Lee Burridge. 


Next Monday January 11th come back for CHAPTER 2: Buckle Up.

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