Chapter 3: Let's Go

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Chapter 3: Let's Go

This is when the fun begins. After Summer of 2012, I moved to Newport beach for my senior year of College. Wooohooo - bring on the beer pong, surfboards and going to class with your swimsuit under your clothes. Fully submersed in all things that I love, I was finally feeling free again like I was when I was a kid. I had all Summer to paint, travel, go out to music festivals and warehouse parties to meet people with the same mindset. I felt like I finally fit in. I can tell everyone was artists around me and it couldn't have come at the perfect time. I also met a very special person - my current boyfriend. You or your friend might know him as the DJ moniker DAVI. But before I start gushing about my love, I have a story to tell you. 

I loved my Newport Beach apartment. It was on 48th street and literally one block away from the ocean. I used to hear the waves at night when I was falling asleep. This fueled my creativity, I couldn't live so close to an amazing body of nature and not be inspired. I was painting a lot, experimenting a lot, DJing and exploring all aspects of what I love to do creatively. School was there, and to be quite honest I couldn't WAIT for it to finish so I can focus 100% on what my creative career is going to officially be. 

My room in my Newport Beach apt with painty hands and Nala!

I have always been someone who's hated the mall. Majority of my clothes are bought online from random websites I've dug up or I will get lucky if I ever do end up in a physical store. I'm extremely picky although I dress very simple. I actually hate shopping, I know this is weird coming from a girl (even weirder coming from the CEO of an E-commerce website) - but I really dread shopping in-person. I couldn't find clothes to match my new artist-goth lifestyle - so I hit the web. Obviously, I ran into the website Nasty Gal.

I just had a revelation, Nasty Gal just might be one of the biggest contributing factors to why I'm here today. This is why. Nasty Gal was the perfect addition to my transformation of style and newfound rebellion. I wanted black leather jackets, boots, nets and tshirts. They had it. I think I bought my high-rise UNIF leather pants from there (I still have them but they officially ripped at Burning Man :( last year). The brand as a whole from the lookbooks to their fresh website represented a lifestyle I had just dipped into. I was home and truly inspired by what Sophia Amoruso (founder, ex-CEO of Nasty Gal) created. It immediately sparked my interest and I began researching how I'm possibly going to get my foot into the door of this company. I applied to every part-time internship position available, hell I even applied to model for them. I got called in to take photos, but never got called back (WHATEVER). 

I had a reality check that Nasty Gal was not going to work out. It wasn't the time for that door to open. So I stopped trying and opened another door that was wide open - the Internet. I started researching about this new word I learned called "e-commerce." It sounded so enticing, at least to me. E-commerce means the buying and selling of goods online. I loved the idea of having my own storefront with stuff that I can scout, filter and display. Intense research commences, I learn another word "dropshipping." E-commerce websites who have a dropshipping model don't carry bulk stock of their products in a warehouse meaning I didn't have to buy a bunch of stock in order to list certain brands. This was a perfect model for me. I obviously didn't have any room in my apartment or money to stock a bunch of goods. Two days later, The Funky Skull was born. So here's a warm THANK YOU to Sophia Amoruso for not giving me a chance and allowing me to create my own destiny and being a #GIRLBOSS. 

2 years later...I created the Organic Nasty Gal.

"If you wanna get shit done, do it yourself."

There has been a consistent personality trait of mine that has also been a huge contributing factor to where I'm at. It is a strength in some situations, but a weakness in others. I move quick. Whether you want to call it rushing, speeding whatever it is, I like to do things quickly (but correctly) and make decisions quickly. If a decision you're trying to make takes more than 10 minutes maximum, then stick to your original plan because clearly you don't want the second option. 

The Funky Skull was a result of me moving quickly. So quickly that I thought someone was going to snatch the idea away from me. If you really want something, do it now and make sure you're not wasting too much time on the petty things. If you're spending too much time deciding whether your logo should be bolded or italicized, you're wasting precious time that can go into actually building your business. Trust your gut, and be confident that every initial reaction to decisions is usually the best one. Next week I'll talk about the rise (and fall) of The Funky Skull as my first e-commerce project and what major lessons I learned that helped me build the foundation of Onyx Creative. 

Catch you next week xo 


* Please excuse any spelling or grammatical errors. This is a very candid blog for me to put my thoughts on, no one is editing this but me.* 


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