Goldmember Creative Shoot

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Goldmember Creative Shoot

Howdy Y'all! I decided to do something different for my blog post this week. I naturally tend to change things up once I realize it's getting repetitive and boring (though Chapter 5 will commence next week). Last Friday I woke up feeling super inspired to create. I immediately texted my friend Mayra with the idea to do an impromptu photoshoot. We let our 3rd stooge Siroon know about the idea and immediately she's enticed. 

Us 3 have a super interesting collaborative relationship. I have the ideas, Mayra directs and executes the ideas and Siroon is a photographer who brings the ideas to life. I went into my closet and literally chose the most random pieces of clothing, with no clear vision of what direction this photo shoot might go. I chose statement pieces because I knew those are key ingredients in photoshoots. As long as you have a statement piece, everything will work around that. From long flowy colorful dresses to a big black fur coat, I threw everything in an Adidas duffle bag and headed to Siroon's place. 

I knew I wanted to incorporate some kind of paint on my face or body, but didn't know exactly how we were gonna do this. I scoured my sisters paint drawer for skin-safe paint and luckily found some awesome hues of gold and silver. Go time!

After Siroon's espresso pick-me-up we went in. We went straight for the gold paint on my face, no questions asked. I'll be completely honest, my hair looked like shit from before I even got there. I had straightened it days before and I brought some gel with me to the shoot so we can do SOMETHING. 

After half my face was painted by both Siroon and Mayra, we put some gel in my hair to keep it shiny in pictures. 


Mayra werkin' on my do.


The first look was simple. I threw on an old men's shirt I had cut up and spray painted a few years ago. It was a winner. 

By this time, the paint on my face had completely dried up and was beginning to crumble (as you can see in the image) but this might have been my favorite shot. It is so powerful without any words. 

Our second look was a bit more playful and young. I put on an American Apparel bathing suit top and off we went (by this time peach champagne made its' way into our systems somehow)

This one may be my favorite shot! That says a lot, but it's so simple and was caught completely by accident. 

Next up, hippie dippie. 

Here's when I really start to look Egyptian. 

The last look was sexy and seductive. What else would you expect from a huge black fur jacket? 

The grand finale and literally our last shot. We knew it was over!

Don't be afraid to create and experiment. Nothing about this shoot was perfect from my hair, makeup to the clothes but we made it work and I'm extremely happy with the day we had. There is nothing like real experimenting without planning and just having a good time. Find a circle of friends who empower, inspire and support your art - then create art together! 

xo angela 




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