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Heal your skin with Vana Body's pure facial oils. Generate more cells, rejuvenate and prevent your skin from aging. 


Bergamot + Tea Tree Give your skin the balance it needs. Carefully formulated with regenerative properties to generously speed up cell turnover, lightening/scars spots, aiding in skin elasticity. Smells like sweet bergamot and lavender with a woodsy, herbal mint tea tree + rosemary. Ingredients: organic golden jojoba oil8'< organic hemp seed oil8'< organic avocado oil8'†< organic grape seed oil, wild crafted bergamot essential oil, organic rosemary essential oil, organic tea tree essential oil and wild crafted lavender essential oil.

Cedar + Lavender: Pamper and nourish your skin with our rich facial oil specifically formulated for dull, dry, devitalized skin. Our hydrating combination of rich, healing, cold pressed organic oils and revitalizing essential oils repair damaged skin. Aromas of sweet floral lavender, geranium and woodsy.

What to do

Gently rub 3-5 drops on face after cleansing. 



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