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Clay Mask

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Vana Body's clay mask blends diminish skin impurities by removing unwanted toxins, leaving you with baby skin! 


Charcoal: The go-to mask featuring activated charcoal. Draws out deep impurities, toxins, dirt and debris. Purifies and diminishes skin pollutants. Ingredients: tan illite clay, rhassoul clay, activated charcoal, organic marshmallow root powder, organic tea tree essential oil. 

Coconut: Nourishing combination of clay, marshmallow root, coconut milk to hydrate and pamper skin while eliminating impurities. Great for all skin types. Aroma of stress relieving lavender. 

What to do

Mix small amount of powder with your choice of liquid for desired consistency. Apply onto face, let dry and rinse off. Moisturize afterwards. 



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