Fine Soap Bars

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Zador's soap range contains premium quality, natural ingredients from the world famous thermal water in Heviz. Each soap truly nourishes and protects the skin in the gentlest way. 

  • Vitamin E nourishes and protects skin
  • Shea butter for anti-ageing
  • Thermal water with healing properties
  • Over 98% natural ingredients
  • Manufactured in the EU
  • Hand wrapped triple milled soap


Lavender Verbana: This unique soap soothes the irritated skin, calms the nerves and refreshes the soul at the same time. The citrus scent of verbena gives freshness to the relaxing lavender flower fragrance.

Fig + Pear: This fruity scent is truly unique, hence the fragrance of pear and fig perfectly complement each other. This unusual fusion of these fruits reminds us of the hot summer days when the air is filled with nature’s fruitiest smells.

Paprika: Dynamism, energy, cheerfulness with a bit of spicy overtone: there is a mixture of these feelings when sniffing deeply the fragrance of the paprika soap. This unique scent reminds us of sweet, hot summer evenings with excitement filled in the air.

Cocoa: Straight from the Amazon, this rich and creamy bar perfectly pampers you after a long day. With its antioxidant content, it boosts the circulation and plays an important role in cell rejuvenation which helps you to fight premature ageing.

160 g / 5.6oz.



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