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Parallel Shelving

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The multi-purpose, functional and fully customizable parallel shelving set is one of our favorites from Studio Lorier. The shelving system contains separate rectangular boxes in an open structure.. The boxes are constructed in parallel, so they fit perfectly together. Great feel for a modern home, and a timeless design piece, due to the variety of configurations. The pieces can be used individually, fitted together or even used as a room divider.

The pieces are made of high quality waterproof laminated European Beech wood. On both sides the wood is laminated with HPL plastic to protect the wood. The parallel shelving set is CNC milled of one single sheet of wood. The rectangular shapes are nested into each other, so no material will be wasted.

The HPL is available in multiple colors.

Parallel furniture contains 5 boxes, 24cm deep.
Outer dimensions of each box:
-XL: 54cm x 42cm
-L: 48cm x 36cm
-M: 42cm x 30cm
-S: 36cm x 24cm
-XS: 30cm x 18cm



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