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Poligon Breakfast Bowl

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From Studio Lorier's Poligon Collection. Porcelain tableware at a low resolution. Instead of smooth shapes, this pottery is build up out of polygons. Every product is unique and handmade, so it will definitely be an eye-catcher in a modern space. Made of quality glazed porcelain, will last a lifetime.The color on the exterior is high gloss white to emphasize the polygons. Combined with the bright inside colors, this will result in great contrast. Choice of various colors, to combine your own colorful set: Deep Red, Emerald Green, Cobalt Blue and Bright Orange.

This bowl holds 600ml (20 Fl. oz.) and could easily fit in one hand. Great for noodles, cereal, or a soup. Stackable on top of each other to store them compactly.

Height: 6,5 cm (2,5 inch)
Diameter: 15 cm (5 inch)
Volume: 600 ml (20 Fl. oz.)

All products are handmade in the Netherlands.



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