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Sauria Bronto Cake Stand

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Sauria Bronto Procelain Cakestand
SAURIA is a family of cake stands in 3 sizes, which are the result of an affair between 3 dinosaurs and elaborately pierced and scalloped dishes. SWEET & STRONG. An alchemy and provocation between worlds that would be incompatible in theory. A romantic and eclectic coexistence between solidity and lightness in a game of semantic contrasts, thanks to a poetic sensibility in juxtaposing them. In white ceramic, gritty and a little “bon ton”, these unconventional cake stands animate tables and cupboards. As quietly elegant objects, they find a strong aesthetic balance.

- Design by Carolina Grassi / Lillt Bertoni
- Material: Porcelain
- 8.7" diameter x 3.5"H



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